Final sale ends Thursday, July 11th @ Midnight CDT. Viktus Sinne, Viktus Styrka, and OSAv2 available!!!


I am BlindAssassin111 and this is my company. After working under a vendor for a few years I decided to move on to running everything on my own in order to prioritize my work and have full control over every step of the process.

If you aren't familiar with me, I used to work with TheKey.Company since early 2018 and have designed many things including Nexus alps sliders, the TKC1800 plates, the TKC M0llY case and USB hub, the TKC Candybar and R1 keysets, SP-111, and worked with fropsie/frosty on the GodSpeed75. As well as my keysets GMK Night Runner, JTK Nightshade and JTK Skyline.

I have also worked on a few private buys for myself and clients/friends including the OSA, Crown and Bacca60/Squid60.

Viktus Design is located in Houston, Texas. We do not have a physical address you can visit so please do not show up.

At the moment we don't allow the cancellation of orders, sorry. Please see the store policies page to get a further understanding.

Please check the updates page before asking this question anywhere or check discord updates in case it was said there before the website. We try and make sure everything is up to date but it may slip through the cracks every now and then.

I don't update weekly or a set schedule but rather when I feel the update is worth noting, which can be frequent if stuff is going on or slow if waiting for any update myself. I also don't like to annoy my manufacturers so just because you asked for the 5th day in a row for something doesn't mean I will annoy them like that.

Please go to the contact us page and submit a form in order for me to properly help you. Do not send a message in discord in an attempt to get this figured out as it is harder to keep track of everything that way and I can't guarantee it will be handled due to that reason.

Fill out the Contact Us form with the updated address and make sure to include the correct email and order number for the order you want to change. If you don't provide both correctly I will not update your address.

No. Sorry you missed the buy but you will need to wait for extras.

No I will not give out free boards/items just because you asked. If you are actually a streamer and would like to borrow a review unit (if available at the time) I will approve/deny on a case by case basis but it will have to be returned without damage or missing parts.

At this moment in time we will not be running other designers work.

In the future we might be able to offer this but no guarantees.

A few users who render have files for some of my boards already so check with them first. If they don't have the board you are looking for, ask them to reach out to me to get the file(s) needed..