Final sale starts Monday, May 20th @ Noon CDT. Viktus Sinne, Viktus Styrka, and OSAv2 available!!!

Store Policies

Shipping Policy:

Once a package has entered the possession of the shipping provider, we cannot be held responsible for any damaged goods delivered by the shipping provider. We are also not responsible for the delay or failure of delivery of items due to factors outside of our control. 

We are not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged packages.

If any address presents an error in our system, we will not ship to that address and will reach out for a new address or a correction of the address in error. Your options will be to ship to a new address or have your order refunded as per the refund policy. We are not responsible if the products fail to deliver due to an incorrect address given at this time.

Some international orders shipped with First Class International Shipping will be untracked once outside of the United States and are therefore uninsured. 

For orders that are returned to us through no fault of our own, responsibility will fall to the customer for the additional costs of shipping the package a second time. If the return was due to an error on our end, we will cover the costs of shipping it back out. All original packaging must be included.

We are not responsible if a package does not arrive because the customer entered the wrong address or a misspelled the address. We will not send a replacement package or refund the order in this circumstance.

We make no guarantees on the timeliness of shipping orders out as everything is handled by a single person.

Please note that international customers may be subject to import taxes and duties. It is the customer's responsibility to pay for those fees.

Refund & Cancellation Policy:

We do not offer refunds or cancellations on any products sold on the site.

All products are new and sold "as-is". You are responsible for researching all information to insure you make an informed purchase, therefore we will not offer refunds for irresponsible purchases for any reason.

Unrealistic expectations set by you is not a reason for cancelation, please research before purchasing as that is your duty as a consumer.

Any attempt to chargeback for a product that is still in progress or shipped already will result in a ban from all future sales. This type of behavior is not tolerated.

If your product is damaged or missing parts, please see the return and exchange policy for further details.

Return & Exchange Policy:

We only offer returns and exchanges in the case that an order arrives with the incorrect items or in the case some damage was missed during the quality control inspection process but not damage due to shipping or customer mishandling.

In the case there are no longer suitable replacements available, unfortunately we will not be able to offer a return or exchange for the order. We may offer a small refund for the inconvenience but that is at our discretion and no set amount is promised.

If the missing or damaged item is deemed to not be a fault of our doing we may deny the customer a refund or exchange at our sole discretion.

Group Buy Policy:

All group buy orders are subject to the above policies as well as the following.

Once the group buy closes no order changes/cancellations will be allowed for any reason at all.

We reserve the right to end group buys earlier or later than the original date for any reason.

In the event a group buy is not successful in meeting the minimum order quantity needed to move forward with production, all orders will be refunded.

In the event a group buy takes longer than originally estimated we will not offer the ability to cancel orders as we make no guarantees a product will arrive by the estimate. Estimates are made by educated guesses given the production estimates of manufacturers and shipping providers and may not be accurate as there can be delays or issues that pop up during the period that are out of our control.

We make no guarantees that the final products will match the renders/images shown exactly, we will not offer refunds or cancellations due to differences in this case. In the event it is a large difference we will attempt to get the issue resolved with the manufacturer. In the event this is not possible, we reserve the right to ship the items as is.

We will not facilitate the selling of group buy spots and will only ship to the original purchaser. If you participate in one of these spot transactions please note all risk is held by the customers involved and we will not be liable for any issues, including damage or missing items.

Product Quality Policy:

While we try to make the highest quality products we can, we also do not make any guarantees every single product will be 100% flawless. Internal blemishes may be present, even on A-stock items, due to hook marks from anodizing. Slight color mismatches may also be present, and while unfortunate, are not an uncommon occurrence therefore some mismatch will be tolerable.

In the event that no suitable A-stock items are available we will inform the customer and ship the B-stock item if they wish as well as a partial refund. Otherwise customers can cancel their order and forfeit their spot in the buy entirely. As we can't control the entire manufacturing process some B-stock are expected and we attempt to mitigate the issue with extras but things out of our control may occur.

B-stock boards may have external blemishes, finish inconsistencies or more noticeable color mismatch. When purchasing a B-stock product you are informing us that you understand this risk and therefore no refund will be available if you are unhappy with the quality. B-stock does not include boards that are severely damaged or otherwise too inconsistent to fit the premium brand we try and build here at Viktus.

Boards that do not meet either A-stock or B-stock requirements, are not considered for sale or delivery to a customer and will be salvaged for the good parts as extra replacements if any are in good enough condition. While they could go to a loving home, We would rather not sell these as they might make people think we deliver subpar products normally when actually it was something a buyer was okay with. So unfortunately no customer can purchase these parts products as a whole. 

Extras Policy:

We make no guarantees that we will sell extras of any product, or that there will be similar quantities of each option available or that all options will be available during the release of the extras.

Extras will be sold at a markup from the original group buy price. We reserve the right to change the markup at any time and make no guarantees on the amount or percentage we use.

Members Policy:

We reserve the right to deny the creation of a member profile or delete a member profile at will for any reason without notice.