Final sale ends Thursday, July 11th @ Midnight CDT. Viktus Sinne, Viktus Styrka, and OSAv2 available!!!

Product Updates

Viktus Minne

Current Status:Completed
Estimated Ship Date:Q1 2024

- December 27th: I am currently swapping the good parts over to the boards that needed the replacements. Once that is done, I should be able to do a recheck on what all is available to ship and notify all buyers that will be in the shipping queue for address changes. Due to scheduling, I won't be able to ship until *maybe* end of next week at the earliest depending on schedule as we are still working on my grandparents estate, and more.

I don't know exact dates this far in advance unfortunately, so please know I will be packing/shipping but it may be days in-between each step. BUT we are getting really close to the end!!! Really sorry for all of the delays but I WILL deliver everyone's orders.

- October 22nd: I did the QC for the replacement parts the other day, and 2 parts need to be refinished/redone, while another 3 parts have a few shiny parts where they rubbed on something so the sandblasted finish isn't perfect all over. The rest of the parts are good to go as is but I am not able to swap them over at this time as I have to finish QC for the OSAv2 parts in order for the manu to know all of what has to be redone. It needs to be done in this order because I am already months behind and they want it all at once now.

I am still going through my grandparents house and we are slowly getting closer to the end but still an unknown amount of time left. What makes it worse is we have to go through my moms house as well just to get space to bring things over so it is a "fun" back and forth process. With that said, I am trying to do QC on my "off days" now but that is going to be a slow process as I won't be able to be as time efficient as I would normally be (have to setup everything each time instead of it already being ready each day). I would like to finish QC of OSAv2 by the end of november and then I can swap over the minne parts and ship those that are ready at that time. So please be patient for a bit longer and I will try and make sure we can get to the end as soon as possible.

- June 9th: Boards have arrived and will begin QC once the last few Sinne orders are shipped out.

- May 10th: Final payment has been made and boards are shipping from the manu. I should have them in roughly a month.

- February 20th: I now have all of the PCBs and will be slowly working on finalizing the firmware for both MX and topre for the production PCBs. Machining is still underway and looking like late Q2 for shipping as long as the manus estimate is still accurate.

- December 20th: First payment sent for production to start.

- December 8th: MOQ has been reached.

- November 30th: GB extended until Dec 16th as we are nearly at MOQ.

- November 1st: GB launched.

- October 3rd: GB dates announced for the month of November.

- May 24th: Topre PCB announced.

- May 23rd: IC posted in 40s discord server.


Current Status:Completed
Estimated Ship Date:Q1/Q2 2024

- May 8th: All orders have been shipped.

- December 27th: I am still working with the manu on getting things remade, this hasn't gone as smoothly or quickly as I was originally hoping, but I am doing the best I can to make sure everything is up to my standards.

I am also waiting on replacement plates to be made for a good portion of the order as there was a binding issue with the production plates that wasn't present in prototypes and I can only guess machining errors as the styrka plates didn't have this issue despite being the same manu and switch/stab cutouts. Unfortunately they weren't willing to remake twice so it is coming out of my pocket, and I don't know exactly when they will be ready.

The amount of boards that need replacements and orders with plates that need to be remade is quite high, so even if your board is ready to go there is a chance your plate isn't and therefore you have to wait for one, or both, of the replacement orders. At this moment I don't have numbers for what can and can't ship because there is overlap between the two categories that makes it too time consuming to give accurate numbers. I will be trying to get minne out first, and then I can look through every order one by one to find orders that are possible to ship and contact those specific customers for address changes. This process will probably not be able to start for a few weeks at minimum as I don't know my schedule that far out to make any specific date claims.

- November 30th: QC has completed! I have sent over the issues to the manu and I am awaiting a response. I will update on shipping plans once I have a reply and am able to figure out what can/can't be shipped and figure out how soon I am going to be able to move through everything.

So please be patient, we are getting to the end slowly but surely.

- July 10th: As those of you who purchased a wrist rest have seen, you were refunded for your wrist rest order. Unfortunately the manu was unable to produce them as they were having issues with the machining. We tried to find a suitable replacement but unfortunately haven't been successful and instead of stringing everyone along into an unknown situation, the wrist rests have been refunded.

- June 9th: Boards have arrived and will begin QC once Minne orders have shipped out.

- May 10th: Final payment has been made and boards are shipping from the manu. I should have them in roughly a month.

- February 21st: I now have all of the PCBs and will be slowly working on finalizing the firmware for both MX and topre for the production PCBs.

Machining is still underway and looking like late Q2 for shipping as long as the manus estimate is still accurate.

- February 10th: Due to extenuating circumstances the carrying cases are being changed for the GB.

The new cases are the ones from the SP-111 but with a modular foam made to work with the OSAv2 and a few of my other boards. This will also allow numpad buyers to have both the main board and numpad in the case at the same time and hold more stuff in the top zipper section as well compared to the original.

- October 13th: First payment sent to the manufacturer.

- October 1st: GB purchase period ended, preparring all files to be sent to their respective manufacturers.

- September 15th: MOQ reached for all products.

- September 12th: GB launched.

- August 16th: Group buy thread launched on Geekhack.

- June 17th: Interest check launced on Geekhack.

Viktus Sinne

Current Status:Completed
Estimated Ship Date:June 2023

- June 14th: The final boards have shipped. Extras will go on sale soon after the Minne and OSAv2 have shipped.

- June 9th: Parts are in hand and will be shipping straight after QC.

- May 10th: The second round of replacements has shipped and should be in my hands in a month. From here I will have to QC and swap the final few boards before shipping. Extras to come after OSAv2 and Minne GBs have shipped as they are in the same shipment.

- March 30th: The first batch of orders went out earlier today, and should all be arriving next week.

The are still 2 more batches that will be shipped from stock on hand. The first of those batches will go out next Tuesday or Wednesday and the second will go out most likely next Friday or the following Monday depending.

There will be 5 orders left after all three batches and if you don't get a shipping lable unfortunately you will have to wait a little bit for the second set of replacement parts to replace the last few bad parts. I believe these have a chance of shipping with the OSAv2/Minne boards, and if so, I will make sure to pack those first before working on OSAv2/Minne so you aren't left waiting longer than necessary.

- March 19th: Finished replacing parts early and wanted to inform everyone that only 5 of the GB orders will be delayed due to needing more replacement parts. The rest of the GB orders are on hand and A-stock.

I will still need to take a few days off to let my wrist pain subside but I should start packing late this week, at the earliest, or starting March 27th.

- March 16th: I should finish the parts swap on monday as I got behind schedule due to some wrist pains the past few weeks. The second round of replacement parts will begin manu after I finish swapping to make sure I have an exact list of everything and nothing is missed.

Once I am done with the parts swapping I will most likely take a break for a few days to help my wrist and then will begin packing the orders I can starting from the first ones placed. I make no guarantees your order will be shipped now even if you ordered very early because there is always a chance I don't have that specific board swapped over just yet. If your order doesn't go out, unfortunately that means you will have to wait for the second round of replacement parts to arrive and I can swap those in.

I will be sending the final address change announcement email next week once I know the timeline for packing. Extras will be sold sometime after the second round of boards is shipped, and there will be a topre option short GB as well!

- March 2nd: Just a quick update, I have started replacing parts and should finish the week of the 13th for the parts I have on hand currently. As for the ones that have to get fixed again, I don't know exactly when I will have them so unsure when I will be able to be 100% finished with this step.

Depending on when I get the second round of replacements, I might start shipping before or after this. (the longer they take, the more likely I will ship what I have until I run out of boards)

- February 6th: Replacement parts just delivered and now begins the slow process.

First, I need to QC all replacement parts and determine if there are any issues. Second, If there are no issues then I have to match the parts to cases and slowly swap them all out one by one. Not sure how long this process will take and what issues may/may not arise during it so please be patient as I will be working on this the fastest I can reasonably do. I would say don't expect shipping this month at all.

Once I finish the QC of the parts, I will send an email for final address changes to give everyone time while I swap everything and before I pack just in case.

- January 13th: Replacement parts have shipped from manu.

- November 3rd: QC has been finished. Unfortunately there has been an issue that affects quite a lot of the boards and therefore those parts have failed QC. The PC parts in question had internal cracking that can go unnoticed in most situations but was unacceptable given PC is conducive to underglow which only amplifies the visibility of the issue. No boards will be shipping right now. The manu is already in the process of remaking the affected parts and they could be done as soon as the end of the year. As well this issue will not be affecting the OSAv2 or Minne as the manu is now aware the batch of material they had was bad and they will be checking with flash lights to make sure their isn't any hidden cracking within the material before anything is shipped to me.

- October 25th: Boards arrived. QC will begin and should take 1.5 - 2 weeks roughly.

- September 14th: Final balance paid and the boards are shipping to me now.

- September 1st: Boards will finishing being dyed this week and then helicoils will be installed. Shipping to me expeted as early as Sep 10th.

- August 18th: Boards ready for dye but got delayed and will begin the process next week.

- July 26th: Boards estimated to finish next month and then be able to ship. Unfortunately they had issues with material having impurities embedded in the material and wasn't seen until after machining, so some parts had to be remade delaying things.

- April 11th: Machining should finish in May, shipping most likely early Q3.

- Dec 9th: First manu payment sent.

- Nov 1st: Group buy now open.

- October 25th: Pricing lowered by $10.

- September 12th: GB date announce, November 1st to 30th.

- August 10th: IC posted.

Viktus Smölka

Current Status:Completed
Estimated Ship Date:May 2022

- May 24th: All extras shipped.

- May 16th: Extras form live.

- May 5th: All GB orders shipped.

- April 26th: QC tier refunds sent to all customers. Currently on hold while Styrka QC is processed.

- April 24th: QC finished. All boards have issues, form sent to customers.

- April 21st: Boards arrived. QC has begun.

- April 12th: Boards are shipping back to me now.

- Jan 13th: Boards sent back to manu for correction.

- Dec 10th: All boards have arrived. Starting QC.

- September 15th: Manufacturer paid, case machining to begin soon. PCBs shipped.

- September 14th: Daughterboards ordered. Remaining PCBs finished, shipping soon.

- September 7th: All orders paid for. Remaining PCBs ordered.

SPmini FE/LC

Current Status:Completed
Estimated Ship Date:August 2021

- August 2nd: All orders shipped.

- July 30th: Packing orders. Expected to ship August 2nd.

- June 8th: FE cases have arrived. One clear needs both bottoms remade. Still waiting on PCBs to ship.

- May 12th: PCB order placed. LC Cases are now in hand. Only bit left is PCBs and that is about 5 weeks out.

- April 26th: Carbon fiber plates have arrived! Waiting on both sets of cases to finish. Also waiting on the PCB checks/firmware to be completed before ordering the PCBs.

- March 9th: Payment sent for manufacturing to start.

- March 5th: GB Closed, Invoicing.


Current Status:Cancelled
Estimated Ship Date:N/A

- June 12th: Raffle for two of the prototypes on June 16th/17th. More info on the viktus discord server.

- May 17th: Group buy is cancelled as it failed to reach a significant portion of MOQ at the halfway point.

Viktus Styrka

Current Status:Completed
Estimated Ship Date:May/June 2022

- June 1st: Last orders dropped off. GB complete.

- May 31st: Last shipping labels for GB orders have been made! Will be dropping them off tomorrow and then the GB is officially finished fulfulling!!!

- May 30th: Officially done with packing, I will start making shipping labels tomorrow/wednesday as my schedule allows. Should be able to drop them all off by the end of the week.

- May 25th: Screws have arrived early, starting assembly of the remaining boards. Might be able to get the last orders out by the end of next week if all goes well.

- May 20th: 40 orders dropped off for shipping. Remaining orders waiting on the screws to deliver before final assembly can begin.

- May 17th: Screws delayed until the 28th. Will instead pack all orders that can be and ship those this coming weekend. The rest of the orders should go out early June.

- May 11th: Assembly for the boards that can be is finished. More screws ordered to assemble the wine and blue boards, too arrive the 17th.

- May 7th: Assembly started for all boards.

- April 30th: QC Finished

- April 28th: Boards arrived and QC has begun.

- March 29th: Boards shipping back from reanodizing.

- January 4th: Colors approved for reanodizing.

- November 12th: Boards dropped off to go back to the manu for reanodizing.

- October 22nd: Wine and Blue boards need to be reanodized to correct the color. Night sky boards have an issue on the bottom that also need to be reanodized. Preparing all boards for return shipping.

- September 29th: All Styrkas have arrived and we have started QC. Final address change email sent out. Expected to start shipping the week of October 11th.

- September 15th: Shipped to us, QC to start upon arrival. Expected to start shipping orders the week of October 11th or 18th.

- August 18th: E-coat was backordered and arrives the beginning of September. Shipping delayed to October.

- August 4th: Anodizing has begun.

- July 22nd: Machining finished, waiting on anodizing/e-coat to begin.

- June 12th: PCBs are on the way to me. Cases are about 75% done. Shipping still estimated as Q3 2021.

- April 26th: Carbon fiber plates have arrived! Waiting on cases and PCBs to finish manufacturing.

- March 9th: Payment sent for manufacturing to start.

- March 8th: GB Closed, Preparing order for placement.