Viktus Styrka arrived, In QC now. Viktus Sinne GB Goes live November 1st.

Product Updates

Viktus Sinne

Current Status:Pre-Group Buy
Estimated Ship Date:Q2/Q3 2022

- October 25th: Pricing lowered by $10.

- September 12th: GB date announce, November 1st to 30th.

- August 10th: IC posted.

Viktus Smölka

Current Status:Manufacturing
Estimated Ship Date:Q1 2022

- September 15th: Manufacturer paid, case machining to begin soon. PCBs shipped.

- September 14th: Daughterboards ordered. Remaining PCBs finished, shipping soon.

- September 7th: All orders paid for. Remaining PCBs ordered.

SPmini FE/LC

Current Status:Completed
Estimated Ship Date:August 2021

- August 2nd: All orders shipped.

- July 30th: Packing orders. Expected to ship August 2nd.

- June 8th: FE cases have arrived. One clear needs both bottoms remade. Still waiting on PCBs to ship.

- May 12th: PCB order placed. LC Cases are now in hand. Only bit left is PCBs and that is about 5 weeks out.

- April 26th: Carbon fiber plates have arrived! Waiting on both sets of cases to finish. Also waiting on the PCB checks/firmware to be completed before ordering the PCBs.

- March 9th: Payment sent for manufacturing to start.

- March 5th: GB Closed, Invoicing.


Current Status:Cancelled
Estimated Ship Date:N/A

- June 12th: Raffle for two of the prototypes on June 16th/17th. More info on the viktus discord server.

- May 17th: Group buy is cancelled as it failed to reach a significant portion of MOQ at the halfway point.

Viktus Styrka

Current Status:In QC
Estimated Ship Date:December 2021/January 2022

- October 22nd: Wine and Blue boards need to be reanodized to correct the color. Night sky boards have an issue on the bottom that also need to be reanodized. Preparing all boards for return shipping.

- September 29th: All Styrkas have arrived and we have started QC. Final address change email sent out. Expected to start shipping the week of October 11th.

- September 15th: Shipped to us, QC to start upon arrival. Expected to start shipping orders the week of October 11th or 18th.

- August 18th: E-coat was backordered and arrives the beginning of September. Shipping delayed to October.

- August 4th: Anodizing has begun.

- July 22nd: Machining finished, waiting on anodizing/e-coat to begin.

- June 12th: PCBs are on the way to me. Cases are about 75% done. Shipping still estimated as Q3 2021.

- April 26th: Carbon fiber plates have arrived! Waiting on cases and PCBs to finish manufacturing.

- March 9th: Payment sent for manufacturing to start.

- March 8th: GB Closed, Preparing order for placement.