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Viktus Styrka - Custom Topre Stabs

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  • For use with R1/R2/Novatouch/Deskeys optioned plates only.

    These are designed to work with MX style stab inserts as well as the custom resin 3D printed topre mount ones shown in the image as well.
  • Designed for normal MX stab wires.

    You will need to trim the spacebar switch housing in order for the stab wire to fit. Follow the final image for modification amount.
  • R2 RGB plates will use the stock RGB stabs and are not compatible with these stabs.

Included Parts:

  • 1x Set of custom stab housings
  • 2x sets of custom topre mount stab inserts
  • Note: MX stab insert shown for compatibility only, not included.


Estimated Ship Date: In-Stock


Note: Parts are 3D resin printed, and hand sanded. Imperfections/inconsistencies are expected but should not affect performance at all.

Note: Wires may be tight initially, to fix this you will need to install the wire, without lube, and work it in a bit. This should loosen it up and after this you can lube to make it that much smoother.

Note: Do not buy deskeys spacebar stabilizers expecting them to work in the plates, they will not fit and no part of them is useable for this board. R2 RGB works with stock topre stabs, R1/R2/Novatouch/Deskeys work with the included stabs only.

Note: For international orders, Orders will be shipped via UPS.